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Art sees no boundaries

About the event

Fundraising event, held during Art Basel week in Miami, Florida.

The event raised awareness on the importance of Arts Programs in a student's curriculum.

We not only raised over $ 10,000 thanks to the generous artwork contributions by Claudio Roncoli, Leonor Anthony, Ruben Santurian, Derek Kaplan, Daniel Deladonne, Gabriela Giampaoli, Ricardo Trotti, Lili Gelman, Pablo Stein, and Victoria Rose but also because of the charitable donations by our sponsors.

During the event, an entire wall was dedicated to the student winners participating in the event. The students received art brushes and gift cads to art supply stores.

You can see a list of the winners and their art work at



The funds raised during the Art Basel event, were presented at the 33rd Annual Museum Education & Art Technology Program held on May 2nd at the Coral Gables Museum in Coral Gables, FL.

A $5,000 check was presented to Dade Art Educators Association, Inc., present were Mortimer Hechavarria, Marily Traeger, Marlene Kohn and Mabel Morales, the funds will be used to provide art supplies to Dade County Public Schools.

A $5,000 scholarship was awarded to Sabrina Mendoza, a Senior from Coral Reef High School, who won 1st place at the Art Sees No Boundaries 2014 art contest with her artwork titled "Freedom". Ms. Mendoza will be attending Miami Dade College in the Fall and was astonished to receive such an award. "I was worried about how to pay for college" were the first words she gasped after receiving the award.

We are grateful to all our sponsors, donors, artists and volunteers for allowing Fundación Don Tomas to help those who want to reach their full potential.

Letter from the winner

How has this scholarship changed my like?

First, if it were not for the help you have given me, I would not be attending college at this time. I probably would be working to save the money to pay just the first semester. And honestly, I do not think I would even have the amount needed to pay even half of the 1st semester since my family and I do not have enough money to pay for college and our house at the same time and therefore all the money I would earn, I would have to give it to my parents to help out at home.

That is why my brothers have suspended their studies at university. The only one who has been able to go to college is me and it's because of the help you have given me. And not only have given me financial support but have given me the motivation I need to move forward.

Why do I say this? Before the contest of Art Sees No Boundaries, I did not think that I would have any chance to stay in this country. I thought I would have to go back to Venezuela because there was no one to pay my university and in my country if I can pay for my studies. But at what cost? The situation in my country is so decayed that no matter how much study and effort you put into everything there's no moving forward... We would not have the quality of life we have here, nor could I study art, which is what I most love.

This scholarship made me change my way of thinking, although I may do not have the resources to pay for my studies, with perseverance and patience things are accomplished.

Before the contest I thought what everyone in Venezuela told me was true: that no matter how much I dedicated to study and drawing, I would accomplish nothing, no one would care for my art and I would eventually have to return to Venezuela . I no longer think that way, now more than ever I'll keep working and fighting for what I want, and I owe it to you. I do not know that where I would be if it weren't for your help. Thank you, thank you very much.

Sabrina Mendoza

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