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We are going to do what we can to help providing the right Nutrition to Kids in their first Years.

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That seeks equal education opportunity for all children through academics, sports, arts and music.

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Helping Kids with Nutrition and Education.

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A person that gets help tends to remember it and help other People.

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Founder’s message

Welcome to Fundación Don Tomas! My husband and I founded this nonprofit organization in honor of our son, Tomas Finkelberg, born on January 9th 1998. He brought immense joy and love to all those around him and left us much too early in our life journey.

It is impossible for a parent to get over the loss of their child but it is necessary to continue living and growing. This foundation is our way to honor our son and give back the love we have for Tommy. Through the foundation we want to help children reach their goals by giving them the necessary resources to flourish as our son would have surely done so one day.

Little by little we watch our foundation grow. In 2010, we started out small by helping flood victims in La Plata in our native country of Argentina. Annually we have several drives from collecting toys for the holiday season to gathering school supplies for local charities and hospitals in Buenos Aires, Central & South Florida and most recently in Atlanta.
The boys Rugby team in Weston, Florida gave us the opportunity to sponsor their team jerseys and we look forward to sponsoring more youth programs.

Our goal is to not only continue gathering school supplies and toys but to annually provide scholarships as we were able to do for Sabrina Mendoza, winner of our first ever Art Basel 'Art Sees No Boundaries' contest held in December 2014. We want to reach hundreds of children and give them the tools to develop healthy, strong and bright minds.

Thank you Tommy for giving us this inspiration!
Valeria Seminara & Christian Finkelberg